about me

“Calligraphy is a spiritual geometry manifested by a corporal instrument.” _Euclid (father of geometry)

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Ibrahim Ghari

We here at Art of Calligraphy pride ourselves on producing unique and well-designed art pieces offering a high-quality service with each order. Our designs are a fusion of Arabic calligraphy and graphic design inspired by Islamic art and we believe this is what makes our products truly distinct and individual. Each piece is designed and hand-crafted with attention to detail and a tremendous amount of thought and care, from start to finish. Our ethos is to deliver truly memorable pieces of art that you or the intended recipient can enjoy for years to come.

We are incredibly humbled and proud of our customer feedback and we look forward to providing you with the same experience.

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Other services

My services extends to personalised calligraphy for special events and occasions, graphics design and calligraphy workshops for beginners and enthusiasts. Please explore the different categories of my works via the links below for more information.